Venezuelan President closes border with Brazil

Venezuela continues to roar. On Friday (22/2) it was reported that President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of the border with Brazil since Thursday (21/2) until an undetermined time.

Maduro also said he was considering closing the border with Colombia which is located west of Venezuela. He has ordered the military to blockade the main border bridges to prevent supplies from Cucuta, Colombia, where tons of humanitarian aid mostly comes from America, for the Venezuelan people to be placed.

The consideration was allegedly born after a provocation from Colombian President Ivan Duque and American President Donald Trump.

“I consider Mr. Duque personally responsible for violence at the border,” Maduro said after meeting with generals at the military headquarters in Caracas.

Juan Guaido, who is recognized as a temporary leader by 50 countries, was said to be heading to the Colombian border on Thursday (21/2) with his supporters, to gather the aid buried there.

The opposition leader said he and hundreds of thousands of volunteers were ready to bring humanitarian aid blocked by Maduro. He claimed 300 thousand people could die if the blockade continued.