The ISIS Sympathizer Teen Asks England for Compassion

A British teenager who joined ISIS when she was 15 years old, Shamima Begum, begged for the mercy of her country’s government on Thursday (21/2). He requested that the government reconsider the decision to revoke his citizenship.

“I ask that they be willing to reconsider my case with more compassion,” Begum said.

In 2015, Begum fled to join ISIS with two of his school friends. Now, 19 years old, he separated from his husband, a Dutch ISIS fighter, being a refugee with only the baby he had just born last week, while ISIS faced defeat. He has lost two previous children in the past few months, and only wants to go home.

Calling that he would submit a request to become a Dutch citizen, Begum also has a slight possibility because of the strict regulations there.

The lawyer for his family, Akunjee’s Tasnime, sees the British decision as too risky because Begum is now threatened with no citizenship. The Guardian newspaper said Akunjee would fly to a refugee camp in Syria to meet Begum and ask permission to bring his son back to England, while the case went on.

“I hope I can give him an option, explain some things to him. We want his agreement and agreement,” Akunjee said.

But Begum has said he would not allow his third son to leave Syria without him. The teenager who was called did not show the slightest sign of remorse with his decision to join ISIS, has now changed his mind.

“I am willing to change,” he said.

The Begum family actually came from Bangladesh, but on Wednesday (20/2) the country stated that it did not have Bangladeshi citizenship.

Along with the fall of ISIS and worsening conditions in Syria, European countries face a dilemma with their citizens who sympathize with ISIS, such as the Begum case.